The Project

Why choose Roskva?

The idea of making an electric motorcycle is nothing new or sensational. In the US there are many manufacturers of electric motorcycles (e.g: Zero Motorcycles and Brammo) but the overall production is very low compared to conventional motorcycles, on the norwegian highways an electric bike is a rare sight. By launching the Roskva we’re not going to reinvent the wheel, but making a bike which doesn’t have the drawbacks of the electric bikes available on the market. Some of today’s electric bikes do have state of the art battery- and motor technology, but are suffering from the lack of a modern chassis, suspension and brakes. This drastically affects the overall impression and riding experience, and thereby preventing the typical, but fastidious rider of today from buying an electric bike.

Roskva’s vision kan be summarized in two pharagraphs:

”Roskva gives the owner the sensation of owning something handmade and unique, as opposed to the typical japanese motorcycle; that indescribable feeling which makes you smile without knowing why. Roskva will stand out and attract attention by having a different and modern design compared to the conventional motorcycle of today.”

”Roskva is something you want to take out for a ride a sunny summer day and thus enjoying the pure riding experience, and on the Monday you’ll just take it to work; Roskva is a machine in which the advantages of enviromentally friendly electricity are combined with pure riding experience.”